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NewsPress is an attempt to consolidate a lot of the thinking currently around using WordPress in a newsroom production capacity. 
  • Is this aiming to build a product, be it a theme/plugin/combo, etc. that can be used anywhere, or a definition of a HappyTables-esque SaaS (or is that part of the discovery)?
  • We've had some discussion around this, as a client of ours actually proposed that work we did with him be shared in just such a newspress focussed forum. When we looked at the idea of bundling all the elements that might make up a NewsPress product (including bits of buddypress, themes, plugins, extentions) we found that Commons in a Box was the closest analogy to the structure we're thinking of. Bear in mind that CiaB is supported by quite a lot of money from the Alfred p Sloan foundation, so this might not be cheap to build.

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