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Arūnas Liuiza

660 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ahmad Awais , Arūnas Liuiza 660 days ago
  • Would be replaced by a custom taxonomy (Or meta?)
  • Photo credits
  • Would be augmented through a custom taxonomy (Why not using the caption?)
  • Content admin
  • Post list view — better filtering, formatting, etc.:emoji_1f3fc: 
Ahmad A
  • This is really needed Maybe something like WP_List_Table class redone with Backbone.js and REST API.
  • Maybe FB comments too, there may be a couple of others I can't recall right now
  • I'd recommend Postmatic or Epoch; checkout this article
Arūnas L
  • Second the idea of keeping comments native, but extending them. Comments are content and, as such, valuable to media organizations, so they should be kept inside the CMS.
  • Yeah that sounds like the right sort of combo. The plugin should create the appropriate sign up / payment pages and configure the gateways for payment (Stripe, PayPal I guess) in a similar way to WooCommerce does it. Then it should also have multiple membership styles (so hard paywall, leaky paywall with tokenised URLs, first 10 articles free etc.) and allow them all to be configured by the site owner. It may, at the beginning, just start as a on/off membership system, with a view to being expanded in the future.
Ahmad A
  • You can also check out how Harvard Business Review does that. They rebranded the site earlier this year and introduced a paywall. 
Arūnas L
  • I'd recommend it as a separate, but companion plugin (add-on if you will). Not all news organizations use paywalls and integrating them into the main thing would unnecessarily clutter the main product.

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