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Ændrew Rininsland

637 days ago
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Ændrew R
  • Anna Zabolotnaya I don't disagree with you, but it should ultimately be up to the title whether it's there or not. I've seen it vary quite a lot from publication to publication.
Ændrew R
  • Ahmad Awais Just noticed your comment above — are you suggesting just to put everything (caption, photog, source, etc.) in the caption field? That would work, but I'm suggesting a new taxonomy because it's more semantic and allows things like author pages for photographers.
Ryan J
  • Also a better page list would be great - editing a large number of pages gets cumbersome, especially when they're on multiple levels with custom ordering
Ændrew R
  • Ryan Jarrett Quite agreed. Whatever gets made for posts would totally work for pages as well, don't see why it would necessarily need to be limited to one or the other.
Ryan J
  • Collectives or groups of authors?
Ændrew R
  • Ryan Jarrett By this we mean that it would be a custom tag-style taxonomy. So you could tag multiple authors. I suppose there could be some sort of reference allowing authors to be put into groups (I.e., "OpEd Staff"; "Music Reviewers" ), but depends who wants or needs it.
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638 days ago
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Ændrew R Naming Options
Please comment on this as getting a proper namespace rolling is hugely important to start shipping code!
Currently we're going with NewsPress, which is slightly problematic for several reasons:
  • github.com/newspress is taken, though it's rather likely we could convince GitHub to release it as per their squatting policy
  • newspress.org is taken, though appears to be a forward. There's a possibility we could acquire the domain name somehow, but it's a bit of a pain.
  • wordpress.org/newspress is taken by a poorly-maintained plugin. Again, this might be resolvable by work with the WordPress community
Although it's not fun finding a brand new name when "NewsPress" so adequately describes what this project is intending to do, it will be far more painful later if we do indeed have to go that route.
To that end, please provide some suggestions below, or add a comment to ones you prefer:
  • JournoPress
  • MediaPress
  • .org domain owned by the same company as newspress.org :-1: 
  • Fight to get NewsPress!
638 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ændrew Rininsland 638 days ago
Ændrew R Project Structure
N.b., this is highly tentative and will probably change as we narrow down the goals of the project.

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